Art books by Zen-Master Zensho

New Autum 2019

Modern ZEN-ART

Watercolours and sayings of a western Zen Master

Modern ZEN-ART

This exceptional book contains a collection of watercolours and inspiring aphorisms by one of the greatest spiritual masters of our times.

It is an invaluable book of meditative silence and spiritual clarity, and at the same time a very special type of spiritual book, for it offers all those who strive for spiritual realisation a new path to their true essence.

Zen Master Zensho’s watercolours are true wonders of artistic accomplishment. These are paintings of radiating luminance and transparency of colour, permitting a window of crystalline translucency. In their arcane, mystical action, they touch us at our deepest and give us an inkling of the reality of our true essence.

Immersed in silent contemplation of these pictorial dimensions of reality, a new possibility for self-discovery opens to us which we would never have dreamt possible. In each of these pictures, shining like gemstones, the realisation of an enlightened consciousness reveals itself to us.

Language: English and German

Original painting for sale from the book


Enlightened Dimensions of the Divine

Paintings and quotations of a Western Zen Master

EnlightenedThis unique illustrated book contains paintings and aphorisms by a spiritual master, who, having awoken to the reality of Being, has experienced the harmony and wholeness of the universe which underlies everything.

These are paintings of radiating luminance, whose mysterious, mystical effect touches us inwardly at our very deepest. Immersed in silent contemplation of these dimensions of reality which have taken on pictoral form, and together with the inspiring aphorisms, a new path thus opens to self-discovery.

A precious book of meditative silence and spiritual clarity.

Languages: English, German, French, Spanish